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5 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Buying Computer Networks

When planning your business's computer network, be sure to adhere to proper practices and avoid these common pitfalls:

1. Skipping A Proper Network Analysis

Many businesses do not analyze what works and does not work in their current system. You would not dream of adding a room to your home without analyzing the structure, evaluating the challenges, and creating a plan. Analyzing your computer network is no different.

A simple way to identify hot spots is by creating a flow chart of your company’s core technological components. It provides a visual representation of data flow and even small changes can improve efficiency. Once you identify problems you can seek solutions.

Biggest Mistakes Buying Computer Networks

2. Failing To Discuss Needs With Users

Your employees use your computer system and know it well. They can provide the most useful information on where your computer network needs improvement, so ask employees about ongoing and current problems. Do they know what changed to cause these problems? Ask them before you buy.

3. Buying As Needed, Instead of Pro-actively

Companies often buy computer software and hardware on a ‘needs basis’ when they can no longer ignore their computer networks. It’s a matter of the squeaky wheel gets the grease, rather than buying for the most benefit.

Of course, finances are a primary concern for any company, but especially for computer equipment. Determining an accurate budget for a computer network is paramount to success. Start by reviewing your network costs for the past two years and then estimate your company’s growth. Your budget should grow with your company.

4. Always Choosing The Least Expensive Equipment

All businesses need to buy wisely, but buying the least expensive option is not necessarily the best choice, particularly when it comes to computer networks. These are long-term investments essential to your business and prices steadily escalate. Investing in equipment that offers the longest useful life is often a better solution, even if it costs more initially.

5. Not Seeking Expert Advice

When businesses invest in the weakest areas of their computer networks, they will see the best return. You need to understand your choices and the abilities of the technologies. This requires expertise.

Even if you have in-house IT staff, it pays to consult a professional outside of your company. They can offer a second opinion, have industry connections, and could save you thousands of dollars.

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