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Remote Work Security with Microsoft 365

Cyber attacks are on the rise.

With remote work, security teams struggle to protect data, manage employees’ personal devices, and maintain security controls. Companies are becoming more concerned about how to face these unprecedented challenges. 

According to an April 2020 CSO Pandemic Impact Survey:

  • 61% of Executives are concerned about attacks against remote employees.

  • 73% of Executives say COVID-19 will change the way they evaluate business risk for the next five years

Microsoft 365 Business Premium Remote Cyber Security

Microsoft 365 Business Premium May Be the Answer.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium delivers a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to help you securely run your remote businesses.

Advanced security and device management tools that: 

Collaboration and productivity tools to help employees:

Access to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).
WVD is an affordable, full desktop and app experience delivered to any device without worry of data leaks or risk to the network from unmanaged devices.

Enable secure remote work and grow your business.
Because it’s integrated with Office apps and Windows, Microsoft 365 Business Premium lowers operational and support costs. It’s a natural first step to the cloud.

Pacific Computer Supply Can Help.

Pacific Computer supply can integrate Microsoft 365 and all the included security features into your daily business operations. From licensing to application, PCS will help take care of the technology, so you and your employees can focus on the business at hand.

Contact Pacific Computer Supply to learn how we can provide your business with protection from cyber attacks.

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